RD Pawnshop | Frequently Asked Questions
We would love to assist you! Before sending us a message, browse through our existing list of Frequently Asked Questions on appraisal value, renewal anywhere, cash padala rates, pawning in the Philippines, and RD Pawnshop branches.
Do you have a branch in/near __________ ?
Our Branch Locator will help you check if an RD Branch is serving in your area. Go to 'Contact Us', then click the button 'FIND A BRANCH NEAR YOU'.
What days of the week/hours are you open?
RD Pawnshop is open 7 days a week (Monday-Sunday). Operating hours may vary but most branches are open from 8am to 6pm. On Sundays, branches are open from 9am to 5:30pm.
Pawning: What items do you accept?
We accept gold jewelry and items including platinum. We also accept signature watches such as Rado, Rolex, and the like. We don’t accept laptops, mobile phones, gadgets, etc.
Pawning: How much is your appraisal rate?
Our appraisal rate varies but we offer higher appraisals. The appraiser will check your item’s karat, weight, and condition. The appraisal fee is P5.00 only, but that is waived when you pawn your item.
Pawning: What if the Due Date of my pawned item falls on a holiday?
We accordingly grant adjustments. There will be no additional charges just for that particular holiday.
Pawning: What if the Due Date of my pawned item happens on a fortuitous event?
We operate under the rules and bounds of BSP and other government bodies, thus, we comply accordingly and extend adjustments without charge, whenever applicable.
Pawning: Can I renew the pawned item on any RD Pawnshop branch?
For your first renewal, you can renew in any RD Pawnshop branch.
Pawning: Can I authorize someone to renew my pawned item in any branch?
Yes, you can authorize someone you know in any of our branches but the original pawner’s name remains the same in the new pawn ticket.
Pawning: What should I do if I lost my pawn ticket?
The pawn ticket is needed to renew or redeem your pawn. If lost, get an Affidavit of Loss from your branch for P50.00. Bring an ID as proof that you are the pawner.
Cash Padala: Can I change the receiver’s name? How?
Yes. Bring it up with the branch where you made your transaction. There will be an additional charge of not less than P20.00 or 1% of the principal amount whichever is higher but not to exceed P100.00.
Cash Padala: Can I claim my remittance without an ID?
No. The receiver of a remittance is required to present a valid ID to ensure that the transaction is released to the right person.
Cash Padala: Can I authorize someone else to claim my money?
Strictly speaking, No, as your KYC will be checked. However, in extreme emergency cases, our branches may accept a representative given that s/he has an authorization letter replete with the original recipient’s signature and/or thumb mark and valid ID, as well as the representative’s valid ID.
Cash Padala: Is there any way to verify the status of the remittance?
The sender will receive a text notification once the remittance is processed. We trust the sender to notify the recipient when the Cash Padala can be claimed.
Cash Padala: Can I still claim my remittance a week after it was sent?
Yes. You can claim your remittance up to/within one (1) month.
Money Changer: What currencies do you accept?
We only process US Dollars ($) as of now.
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