RD Pawnshop extends Digital Roleta Anew!

February 9, 2022

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Due to the demands from our clients, the RD Digital Roleta promo will continue until February 28, 2022. Awesome freebies await our customers upon every transaction. 

RD Pawnshop offers Pledge Loans with the highest appraisal amongst its peers but with the lowest interest rates per month. It also caters cash remittances that offer the lowest charges so that sending money to our loved ones will not be too heavy on our budget. 

RD Pawnshop is one of the most trusted pawnshops in the country today.


Updated: January 28, 2022, 11:13 AM

RD Pawnshop, Inc., one of the most trusted pawnshops in the Philippines, is now a partner with DOLE in the monetary assistance for our brothers and sisters in the country under the DOLE’s TUPAD program.

RD Pawnshop, Inc., one of the most trusted pawnshop in the Philippines, is now a partner with the Department of Labor and Employment(DOLE) in the monetary assistance to our less fortunate brothers and sisters in the country under the DOLES’s TUPAD program. As one of the top pawnshops in the Philippines, RD Pawnshop, with over 1,500 branches nationwide, is able to provide remittance services, not only on the country's financial centers, but also, to any remote municipalities of the country. Through the company’s Cash Padala, with low padala rates, a lot of Filipinos are able to receive their “Tupad” on time. Right now, the service expands to areas like Southern Mindanao, Kidapawan of Central Mindanao, Banisilan, Wao of Northern Mindanao and many others.

Generally, RD Pawnshop also offers primarily pawnshop service with no advance interest to our customers nationwide. It is considered as the pawnshop with the highest appraisal of pledge loans in the Philippines.

RD Pawnshop has been innovating its services in order to become one the best pawnshop of the Philippines.

Remitly can now be claimed in any RD Pawnshop, Inc. branches nationwide

Send money online faster and more securely from the United States with Remitly, and discover our great exchange rates and low transfer fees.

Visit us in our official website: https://www.facebook.com/rdpaw...


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RD Pawnshop Partners with Progressive Bank Inc. for Payment Collections

March 19, 2021

RD Pawnshop is extending its payment collections arm through its partnership with Progressive Bank Inc (PBI). PBI is a leading service provider of financial services covering consumer loans, savings accounts, deposit products, and bank-to-bank remittance. The partnership with RD Pawnshop will help facilitate loan repayments from PBI’s loan lending service. 

Progressive Bank is headquartered in Iloilo and has a strong presence in Iloilo, Capiz, Antique, and Aklan. Their strategic lending offers loan segments for specified identified markets— microfinance loans for the entrepreneurial poor; regular loans for small-and-medium enterprises and corporations; and agricultural loans to promote the livelihood and uplift the quality of life of farmers.

Through this partnership, RD Pawnshop will enable more efficient and convenient payment collections which will capitalize on RD Pawnshop’s 1500+ branches nationwide. To view our full list of partners, click here: https://www.rdpawnshop.com.ph/services

RD Pawnshop Ties Up with Metro Cotabato Water District for Bills Payment

March 08, 2021

In an effort to make your monthly bills payment even more accessible and convenient, RD Pawnshop has partnered with Metro Cotabato Water District (MCWD) as a payment gateway for your water service bills.

The Metro Cotabato Water District is an operational water supply utility servicing the City of Cotabato and parts of Datu Odin Sinsuat and Sultan Kudarat. In a 2020 count, the water district was supplying a total of 36,615 connections in the whole Maguindanao area. With this new linkage, MCWD consumers can now pay anywhere in RD Pawnshop’s 1,500+ branches nationwide.

RD Pawnshop is aiming to make more inclusive and far-reaching partnerships as it has linked with more than 50 water service providers throughout the whole country. Aside from water utilities, RD Pawnshop also accepts payments for electric, cable, internet, insurance, government dues, and other loans. For more information, you can visit any RD Pawnshop branch or our Facebook page at www.facebook.com/rdpawnshopofficialpage

RD Pawnshop Partners with Metro Midsayap Water District for Bills Payment

March 08, 2021

RD Pawnshop now accepts payments for Metro Midsayap Water District (MMWD) bills. MMWD concessionaires will need only bring their latest billing statement and go to any of RD Pawnshop’s 1,500+ locations nationwide for a bills payment experience made easier and more convenient. 

MMWD is located in North Cotabato and serves the area of Midsayap and Libungan.  

RD Pawnshop as a payment collection partner for MMWD will help bring ease and convenience for Midsayap and Libungan residents as they can pay their monthly dues all in one place since RD Pawnshop also accepts payments for electric, cable, internet, insurance premiums, government dues, credit card loans, and many others. For more information, you can visit any RD Pawnshop branch or our Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/rdpaw...

RD Pawnshop Celebrates 45 Years, Launches ‘Magandang Bukas’ Campaign

by  Aljun Cainghog | February 06, 2021
Reposted from: https://metrocebu.news/rd-pawn...

2021 is a big year for RD Pawnshop as they celebrate their 45th anniversary serving Filipinos in and out of the country.

In a digital press briefing, RD Pawnshop announced their plan to expand in the country and improving their digital services for Filipinos.

In line with their 45th anniversary, RD Pawnshop launched their “Magandang Bukas” campaign, which shows their commitment to being a companion for Filipinos, especially during this pandemic.

“At RD Pawnshop, we recognize the value of stability from beginning to end, which helped us thrive for 45 years in service. We want to share this value of stability with Filipinos as we will always be happy to serve and accompany them in every part of their journey. We also want to continue being a source of hope and partner until they make all their dreams happen, hence our new tagline “Kasama mo, Hanggang sa Magandang Bukas”, said Alma Pascual, the Business Unit Head of RD Pawnshop Inc.

With their “Magandang Bukas” campaign, RD Pawnshop unveiled their latest video commercial starring their new brand ambassadress Miss Pokwang, an inspiring comedian, actress, and singer along with their newest company anthem.

The campaign will also help advertise RD Pawnshop through traditional and digital media such as television, radio, billboards, and social media.

RD Pawnshop also announced their plans to open more branches in the Philippines, opening 40 more branches this year in NCR alone.

Along with their expansion, RD Pawnshop will also launch their RD App this year which aims to better their online services in line with the new normal.

Pokwang, Kaagapay ng RD Pawnshop sa Magandang Bukas

by  Maricris Valdez Nicasio | February 06, 2021
Reposted from: https://www.hatawtabloid.com/2...

KAAGAPAY sa pangangailangan. Ganito inilarawan ni Alma Pascual,  Business Unit Head ng RD Pawnshop Inc., si Pokwang bilang bagong endorser nila.

Puring-puri nga ni Ms Pascual si Pokwang na hindi sila nahirapan para magdesisyong ang aktres/TV host ang kunin nilang endorser.

Ani Ms. Alma, ”Si Pokwang eh, pangalawang endorser for 45 years ng RD Pawnshop, but we saw the real market needs we had with Pokwang. Kaagapay. Siya ‘yung andyan kaagad kapag kailangan mo katulad ng RD pawnshop kaya siya ang kinuha namin.”

Para naman kay Pokwang, “Maganda ang programa nila, hindi mataas magpatubo. Kaya naman pumayag ako na maging endorser nila. Mahalaga kasi sa akin ang pagiging maka-tao. Eh ganoon ang RD Pawshop.

“Hindi nila sinasagad ang taong gipit, hindi sila ganoon. And then ‘yung pinagpapaguran ng mga OFW nakakarating ng buo sa kani-kanilang pamilya. Hindi sagad ang bawas.

“Alam kasi ng RD ang pinagpapaguran ng mga OFW. Nararamdaman at nauunawaan nila ang pinagdaraanan ng bawat Filipino na nagsisikap para sa pamilya. Ako ‘yun eh, nakikita ko ang sarili ko sa hangarin ng RD.”

Iginiit pa ni Pokwang na, ”‘Yun ang binibigyan nila ng halaga, ang pinagpapaguran ng magulang, kapatid o anuman ‘yan para sa mga mahal nila sa buhay.”

Kasabay ng ika-45 taon ng RD Pawnshop, Inc., ang paglulunsad kay Pokwang bilang pinakabagong endorser nila. Gayundin ang pangakong makapagbigay ng quality service sa lahat ng Filipino o ang Magandang Bukas campaign.

Ipinapangako sa kampanyang Magandang Bukas na kaagapay sila ng mga hardworking Filipino lalo na ngayong may pan­demic.

“At RD Pawnshop, we recognize the value of stability from beginning to end, which helped us thrive for 45 years in service. We want to share this value of stability with Filipinos as we will always be happy to serve and accompany them in every part of their journey. We also want to continue being a source of hope and partner until they make all their dreams happen, hence our new tagline ‘Kasama mo, Hanggang sa Magandang Bukas,” giit pa ni Pascual.

Itinatag ang RD Pawnshop noong 1976 ni Rodrigo E. Rivera Sr. katulong ang asawang si Dolores Chua Rivera sa General Santos City. Parte ito ng conglomerate RD Corporation na nagbibigay ng malinis, matapat at respetadong serbisyo.

Pokwang on the importance of hard-earned money

by  Iza Iglesias | February 06, 2021
Reposted from: Iglesias, I. (2021, February 2). Pokwang on the importance of hard-earned money. Manila Times, p. B12

From an experienced overseas Filipino worker (OFW) in the early ‘90s in Japan and the United Arab Emirates, to becoming one of the most respected comediennes in the Philippine entertainment industry, Marietta Subong— more popularly known as Pokwang— knows very well the importance of hard-earned money.

As her family’s breadwinner, Pokwang had to find ways to provide for her family and tried luck in stand-up comedy. Eventually, she carved a name for herself project after project since winning reality talent show “Clown in a Million” in 2004. 

In a virtual event for her new endorsement, Pokwang shared budgeting tips she usually imparts to her friends and loved ones. 

“I always suggest to others, including my house helpers who have families in different parts of the country, that as much as possible do not buy anything that are insignificant. Secure and give importance to the things you had difficulty achieving for your family. Doing this in particular is very important now more than ever that we’re in a pandemic.

“Ever since naman talaga, I’m the breadwinner of the family. Of course, you have to put your heart, mind and soul to give your family a bright future and to help them reach things they wanted to have in life. Being an artista in showbiz is not forever that’s why I continue to strive and persevere by using my family as an inspiration,” she added. 

Aside from saving money, the 50-year-old TV host and comedian advised the public to make pawning an option for a quick way to get extra cash. 

“There’s nothing embarrassing in pawning. What’s more shameful is stealing and taking advantage of others. ‘Yun pong sinasanla niyo ay pinaghirapan at pinagpaguran ninyo. When you invest in jewelries for example, that’s a wise and valuable asset to have. You can use that in case of emergency,” Pokwang noted. 

For sure we don’t want anything more than to give your family a comfortable life. Remember, everybody gets old. That’s why we have to invest and look for ways to earn money for our family,” she ended. 

‘Magandang Bukas’ campaign

During the event, Pokwang was able to celebrate with her endorser RD Pawnshop, Inc’s 45th anniversary in service. 

Coinciding with its celebration, the company launched its “Magandang Bukas” campaign, which emphasized its promise of being a companion to all hardworking Filipinos, through and through, especially amid the current pandemic.

As it understands every Filipino’s sacrifice, the company now offers lower remittance rates and higher appraisal values with zero advance interest. Alongside a workforce trained with excellent customer services and practices, it assures Filipinos hassle-free, reliable and fast transactions. Aside from pawning, RD Pawnshop provides other services, such as e-loading, bills payment, and insurance services. 

RD Pawnshop celebrates 45th Anniversary

February 01, 2021
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RD Pawnshop, Inc., one of the country’s leading pawnshop brands, marks another milestone as it celebrates its 45th anniversary of providing high-quality services to Filipinos.

Alma Pascual, Business Unit Head of RD Pawnshop Inc., said that all its satisfied clientele could only expect more from the company as it stays true to its commitment to providing quality services to all Filipinos.

Coinciding with its 45th-anniversary celebration, the company launched via a virtual press conference its “Magandang Bukas” campaign, which emphasized its promise of being a companion of all hardworking Filipinos, through and through, especially amid the current pandemic. Among the virtual event attendees were its brand ambassador Pokwang, an inspiring comedienne, actress, television host, and singer.

“At RD Pawnshop, we recognize the value of stability from beginning to end, which helped us thrive for 45 years in service. We want to share this value of stability with Filipinos as we will always be happy to serve and accompany them in every part of their journey. We also want to continue being a source of hope and partner until they make all their dreams happen, hence our new tagline “Kasama mo, Hanggang sa Magandang Bukas”, said Pascual.

With its “Magandang Bukas” campaign, RD Pawnshop shows further that it is one of the most approachable pawnshops in the country. As it understands every Filipino’s sacrifice, the company now offers lower remittance rates and higher appraisal values with zero advance interest.

Alongside a workforce trained with excellent customer services and practices, it assures Filipinos hassle-free, reliable, and fast transactions. Aside from pawning, RD Pawnshop provides other services, such as e-loading, bill payment, and insurance services.

It was founded in 1976 by Rodrigo E. Rivera Sr. and his wife Dolores Chua Rivera in General Santos City. It is part of the conglomerate RD Corporation dedicated to providing clean, conscientious, and respectable services.

Pawning is nothing to be ashamed of, according to Pokwang

by  Rosette Adel | February 01, 2021
Reposted from: https://www.msn.com/en-ph/ente...

For comedian, actress and television host, Marietta Subong or “Pokwang”, there is nothing to be ashamed of in pawning.

Now that we are under a global health crisis and are prone to encountering financial emergencies, Pokwang advised the public that turning to a pawnshop is another good option.

“‘Yung pong sinasanla niyong ‘yan ay pinagpaguran niyo ‘yan, ‘yun pong sinasanla ninyong pinagtrabahuhan niyo ‘yan and of course nagkaroon ng emergency, walang nakakahiya doon. Wala tayong masamang hangarin,” Pokwang said during the launch of RD Pawnshop’s “Magandang Bukas” campaign last Wednesday.

“Hindi tayo dapat mahiya…‘Yung nanlalamang sa kapwa, ‘yun ang nakakahiya,” she added.

Aside from pawning, Pokwang, who has been a longtime breadwinner of her family, also advised the public to avoid impulse buying, an advice she also gave to her house helpers.

“Ako talaga inaano ko sila na kung hangga’t maaari wala kayong bibilhin na mga walang katorya toryang bagay,” the comedian cited.

“Ingatan ninyo, bigyan ninyo ng halaga ‘yung mga pinagpapaguran ninyo. Ang hirap, nasa pandemic tayo. Alam niyo na ‘yan, hindi tayo dapat ano,” she added.

Pokwang has been named as the new endorser of the pawnshop which also marks its 45th anniversary this year.

The pawnshop started digitizing its services such as money remittances before the pandemic as early as 2015.

Debbie Ann Riveral, managing director of RD Pawnshop, said they now have more than 100 international and domestic remittance partners running systems to serve the immediate needs of the overseas Filipino workers.

The pawnshop that boasts higher appraisal value and low remittance rate, has more than 1,500 branches nationwide.


Pinakamababang Cash Padala Rates!

Data released by the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP) on Monday, July 17, showed that cash remittances for May totaled $2.31 billion, a 5.5% increase from the level posted in the same month a year ago.

Of that total, remittances from land-based employees accounted for $1.8 billion while remittances from sea-based workers accounted for half a billion dollars with each growing by 6.2% and 3.0%, respectively.

The primary contributors to the growth in cash remittances for May were the United Arab Emirates with a 1.5-percentage-point contribution to growth, Canada and Saudi Arabia each contributing 1.1 percentage points, and the United States with 0.8 percentage points.


Data released by the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP) on Monday, July 17, showed that cash remittances for May totaled $2.31 billion, a 5.5% increase from the level posted in the same month a year ago.

Of that total, remittances from land-based employees accounted for $1.8 billion while remittances from sea-based workers 

Rewards Region 7 Overseas Filipino Workers Model Families
Supported Pinoy Pride 42 Clash for Glory World Championship
Michael Jan Roma Ads and Promo Head giving away freebie RD Pawnshop Inc. travel pouches to the crowd going wild
RD Pawnshop Gives Back

RD Pawnshop gives out 100 pieces of whistles last August 4, 2017 at Buaya Elementary School in celebration for the National Disaster Resilience Month.

RD Sugod Barangay Karaoke Challenge

(March 18, 2020) - The RD Sugod Barangay Karaoke Challenge is one of RD Pawnshop’s most innovative community-oriented projects. It holds up a mirror to the Filipino culture and its love for singing, performing, and getting together with friends or the community. We don’t need charts or graphs to stake the claim that the Philippines is a veritable karaoke hotspot, so it’s just a mere matter-of-course for RD Pawnshop to mobilize a barangayan activity that aligns with the Filipino Identity.

In Sugod Barangay, RD and its team of associates make their way to barangays tenanted by one and any of RD Pawnshop’s 1,500 branches nationwide. They set up a karaoke machine in the town’s community center or common area where the participants then gather. High-scoring entrants are given gifts and merchandise such as t-shirts and other freebies. Moreover, those who submit receipts of transactions done in RD Pawnshop are given 1 kilogram of rice each.

RD Pawnshop’s Ads and Promo Head said that this project usually draws rave feedback and reviews. He observes that the Challenge is fun and entertaining. What’s more, the activity is relatively easy to set up and put together because, more or less, it only requires a karaoke machine which when plugged on, boom-you-go! Therefore, a Sugod Barangay is apt to be arranged by RD at least once every month or so.

This activity has a way of drawing great and surefire participation. As a trend, Filipinos like to hang around and take turns at karaoke. Filipinos in general have sheer appreciation for a singer’s unique expressions, and we even enjoy out-of-tune performances with outstanding good humor and geniality.

Overall, it’s an activity that’s across-the-board fun for organizers, participants, and onlookers or audiences alike. It requires little for the organizers to put together and requires even less from the participants, who can just decide to join on-the-spot. Those who participate are given an avenue to get their act up, polish their confidence, and showcase their talents, literally the whole shebang. So as you can see, there is much to look forward to and see for yourself in RD’s next Sugod Barangay Karaoke Challenge!

This activity is basically RD’s grassroots way of reaching out to the barangays. It’s a means of establishing RD Pawnshop’s corporate presence beyond the brick-and-mortar outlet and the same-old branch personnel that customers see every day. In a sense, it’s a simple way of thanking and giving back to RD patrons.

General Santos Tuna Festivals float parade
RD Pawnshop Offers Free Cash Padala for Health workers

(March 26, 2020) - The recent Covid-19 outbreak brought to light many stories and accounts of the human experience, but none more moving and inspiring than what our healthworkers are going through. Just when most people are advised to stay in their homes and out of harm’s way, these Frontliners are out there, actively looking for a way to mitigate and help end this pandemic.

The respect and admiration for Frontliners is apparent now more than ever, as they fill up the ranks and stretch themselves out to fill demands. As medical practitioners, they know what they’re up against and still rise up to the challenge. And already, in some cases, they have paid dearly and suffered the consequences.

It is with this in mind that RDPI extends its support to healthcare professionals, workers, and volunteers by providing free of charge Cash Padala for Healthworkers, effective March 23, 2020 until April 30, 2020.  This is in line with the company’s effort to assist, suppress, and help end the current pandemic by, among other things, empowering the people most involved in this campaign, that is, the Frontliners.

In this promo, the sender-healthworker can avail for 5 (five) free transactions or a maximum send-out amount of P10,000 per day, whichever comes first. Those eligible for this offer are healthworkers accordingly licensed by the Philippine Regulations Commission (PRC), whereupon during transaction they show their PRC ID and certificate of employment currently dated. Legitimate volunteer healthworkers are also included, and they only have to show their certificate of employment and ID issued by the LGU or company they are working for in order to avail their free-of-charge domestic remittance send-out transaction.

This offer would no doubt be of tremendous value to healthworkers and volunteers, what with the impending or ongoing Enhanced Community Quarantine in many parts of the country, add to the many complications brought about by self-isolations and city-wide lockdowns. It is hoped that RD Pawnshop’s timely and targeted offer would help in allaying these modern-day heroes’ fears and anxieties for their own families and loved ones. 

RD Pawnshop’s Libreng Kasal sa Daan-Daang Magkasintahan

(March 20, 2020) - Kasal sa Daan-Daang Magkasintahan is one of the activities in which RD Pawnshop takes active partnership and participation. For the most part, it is sponsored by PAG-IBIG and its municipal or city government tie-ups. For the last four years or so, RDPI has had ‘perfect attendance’ as one of the few partners recognized and welcomed in this endeavor. 

This event is held during the quintessential Love Month of February. In this time of year, couples who have less budget to celebrate their marriage, get married. These are couples who, perhaps for the longest time, have had matrimonial intentions but can hardly actualize their plans because of shoestring budgets or straitened circumstances. The aim of Libreng Kasal, as per its name, is to grant free weddings to its many needy beneficiaries.

Maybe it goes without saying, but the thing is, weddings these days amount to a king’s ransom. Even if the engaged couple sticks to the bare necessities, things that are supposed to be serviceable and straightforward like ministers, venues, decent clothes, and even government paperwork take a lion’s share of one’s finances. Even something like complimentary food for the guests is enough to snap the purse strings of our more indigent families.

The core values of RDPI align with the undertaking of free weddings. The adherence to Christian principles and values notwithstanding, RDPI recognizes the benefits and importance of legal partnership for these couples’ growing families. For one, it affords more security and protection for their young, whether in the economic, social, and perhaps even psychological sense. The benefits go on and on, with claims that have to be backed by research to sound credible, but the consensus seems to be fixed— in that it’s positively in everyone’s best interests to make these unions definite and legitimate.

Since its inception, Libreng Kasal has accommodated more than a thousand couples. And that’s a pretty modest estimate, seeing as how at one given time or event, there could be a thousand pairings present. Catering to these sheer numbers— therein lies the importance of RD Pawnshop’s partnership and cooperation.

Among many other things, RD is a regular at providing photo booths through which couples could memorialize and commemorate their Special Day. Through it, they’ll have a tangible proof and memory to hold on of what could be the most wonderful day of their lives. After all, a special day without a snapshot to remember it by constitutes reasonable grounds for dismay. It’s a humble contribution, but one that which our more appreciative ka-RDs are surely glad and thankful for.

Libreng Kasal is certainly a godsend for the newlyweds since literally everything is free and they could go through the motions of the next day without diminished assets and resources— assets and resources that they could go on to use for themselves or for the future that they will now build together.

RD Pawnshop’s Zumba Culture

(March 16, 2020) - Zumba programs are staple activities in RD Pawnshop. From barangayan activities, sponsored events, and employee empowerment activities, we’re practically old-timers in the Zumba-game. You might ask, why Zumba? Is it just a vacuum activity with no importance or meaning? Scratch that. As you’ll see, there’s a whole slew of reasons why RD is getting such a kick out of this popular dance fitness brand!

Our constancy with Zumba programs shows how we pay attention to the little details. It’s a conclusion drawn from observation, genuine concern, and sincere care for the communities we serve and the constituents we look after. In this article, we’ll reaffirm what we’ve known all along about the extensive benefits of this Latin-inspired dance workout. And perhaps, hopefully, get you to actually be more involved in it, if you aren’t yet.

At RD, we value teamwork and community ties. We take vicarious pleasure in seeing the communities we serve come through, even after they have done and dealt with us. We like to see everyone come together, have fun, and be all-around healthy! Our reward is seeing the smiles, hearing the laughter, and feeling the infectious joy out and about. After all, happiness and leisure are our operative words. So how do we ball all that in one setting? You got it— ZUMBA!

One thing about this dance-based workout is that it’s extremely inclusive. It’s for everyone, regardless of age, gender, status, ability, or whatever reason or excuse they contrive. Zumba doesn’t have biases or preconditions. Participants don’t need to know how to dance, or memorize steps, or get themselves in a tizzy wondering if it should be the left foot or the right foot. They just need to amble in and chill out and have fun, and still actually get results! Can it get any more convenient than that?

RD Pawnshop’s Ads and Promo Head explained why more and more people are getting into the Zumba trend. “It’s an ‘in’ thing because it proffers healthy living and lifestyle. It conditions the body, sharpens the mind, and relieves stress. And on the side of the organizers, it’s easy to gather participants because it can be done anywhere: malls, gyms and even in open fields.”

RD Pawnshop likes to boost the fun-factor by inviting artists and idol instructors. So far, RD has sponsored the Cebu Zumba Queen and licensed instructor, Emma Satchell, and with organizers, has featured Regine Tolentino, Wowie de Guzman, Joshua Zamora, and members of the Universal Motion Dancers and Manoeuvres.

Zumba programs at RD tend to last from an hour to an hour-and-a-half, and the Zumba marathons that stretch up to four hours. As per the estimates, you can burn up to 600 to 1000 calories in just an hour of Zumba workout! Imagine, when done for 1 hour three times a week, you will be burning about 12,000 calories! By the end of the year, you might just as well find yourself to be as light as Japanese paper!

Anyway, the best thing about Zumba is that it has some kind of underhanded trickery that makes you forget you are actually working out. You get to bust it in a fun, party-like environment and at the end, feel the level-ups in your cardiovascular strength, muscle-conditioning, and the surge of happy hormones and feel-good chemicals for a great brain-body connection. After all, this workout was designed by its creator, Beto Perez, “to burn fat like nobody’s business”. And it’s free-form! There may be an organized flow to the routines but overall, it’s a legit workout without the drudgery of rules and procedures. You just either move to the beat or let the beat move you!

The next time RD Pawnshop holds its high-energy Zumba activities— for surely there is a next time— you should jot it down on your supercharged schedules to come and join! You will be all the better for it. Nothing affirms our mission and values systems more than making life better, happier, and healthier for our RD patrons.

Fire Prevention Month: Let’s Talk about Fire Insurance

(March 24, 2020) - March is familiarly tagged as the Fire Prevention Month in the Philippines. Data suggests a spike of fire incidents in the country during this time of the year. The main factor may be the turn of the season, since it’s notably the beginning of summer— the weather is often hot and dry, and the temperature and humidity levels reach all-time extremes.

It’s apparent we can recognize fire patterns based on months of the year and even identify the high-risk places. But people in general seem to have trouble linking the fact that fires could happen anytime in their very own homes and affect their very own families. Therefore, it’s not surprising that most Filipinos have no safeguards when the tragedy does occur[i], and it’s often that they’re caught unawares.

In a March 2020 interview, BFP Manila Chief Supt. Wilberto Kwan Tiu said that March is the perfect time to jolt awareness about the causes, hazards, and dangers of fires[ii]. However, even if you are a crackerjack at recognizing fires’ dangers and causes, or even if you’re the most careful and reliable person around, you’re not the only man in the island, so to speak. As the old folk saying once put it, “It is your concern when your neighbor’s wall is on fire”. No matter who or where you are, you are still very much susceptible to fires’ dangers and losses.

In the same March 2020 interview, Chief Supt. Kwan Tiu said that Fire Prevention encompasses the culture of “safety, security, discipline, and self-help”[iii]. Moreover, he said that in times of disaster, he would have liked everyone to be “self-reliant”. What do all these values signify? Security, discipline, self-help, and self-reliance— all are boons brought about by fire insurance.

The fact remains, however, that most workaday Filipinos can’t afford to set aside budgets for scenario assumptions and probabilities. Rather, they are forced to take each day as it comes. And the double bind is that it’s in the slum areas where fires often occur and cause the most damage, simply because the houses are built closer and are made of lighter materials. In sum, if anyone needs fire insurance the most, it’s those that can’t afford to have it in the first place.

That’s where micro-insurance comes in the picture. After all, no matter how convenient and practical traditional insurance is, it can be quite overblown when held up to the needs of those with lower-valued assets or those who require immediate assistance. And as indicated earlier, most workaday Filipinos aren’t that well-to-do so as to be able to pay such hefty premiums month after month.

RD Cares is an insurance product of RD Pawnshop, Inc. With a diverse line of coverage, it is an exceptional micro-insurance offering that is specifically tailored for low-income households. The scope of its support ranges from injuries to life insurance and hospitalization to emergency healthcare. And, of course, there’s fire insurance.

Fire Assistance can be found under several of RD Cares products, Acci-Protect and Acci-Care. Under Acci-Protect, if the insured person’s house or rented place burns down, they get a P5000 benefit plus P20,000 as life insurance, and that comes with just a P10 contribution per month. Under Acci-Care, the insured person stands to receive the same benefit of P5000, with a P100 contribution in 3 months—broken down, that’s less than P35 per month. The coverage is also more diverse and serviceable under the latter, since in addition to Accidental Death & Dismemberment, Permanent Total Disablement, and Unprovoked Murder & Assault, it also covers diseases like dengue and leptospirosis.

In the end, availing insurance is all about getting the appropriate level of coverage that is personally suited for you. After all, some people are indeed less accident-prone than others, or more immune to diseases than others. However, fires are incidents which no one can portend, and of which one is as vulnerable as the next person. Therefore, everyone should make it a point to avail fire insurance, with a package that is diversified and reliable, and moreover, with compensation that is suited to one’s needs and would keep them up and running for quite a while. 

Pawning and Money Remittance Industries in the Time of the COVID-19 Pandemic

(March 28, 2020) - With the outlook from 2019, the socio-economic picture for the year 2020 looked relatively bright and promising, or at the very least, was portended to be stable. However, the coronavirus disease (Covid-19) was not factored in as an indicator at that time. Weeks into its rampage and world markets have been sent reeling. Although its true economic impact is not quantifiable at the moment, its immediate and observable effects to households and small to large enterprises don’t need expert analysts and economists for laymen to make sense of it.

If anything, the current crisis holds up a mirror to how unprepared most of us are when it comes to public emergencies and critical situations. When we zero down to individual households and small to large businesses, it becomes apparent just how much the problem springs from the lack of safety nets within families and households, and that applies to both the middle-class as well as the poor.

However, this ‘unpreparedness’ is no fault of one’s own. It’s a persistent and deep-seated problem that reflects the standard of living in the Philippines in general. After all, there are many Filipinos in the low-income and informal sectors that live day-to-day, wherein they make do with their daily earnings for their daily living expenses, then go back to square one the next day. It goes without saying that they’re the hardest-hit in this ongoing pandemic, since on top of the viral contagion, they also fear not having enough savings and supplies to last them for as long as economic activities cease.

Among the many people affected by the ongoing public health crisis and economic slowdown, there are the informal economy workers, such as the contractual and seasonal workers, public utility vehicle drivers, farmers and hired help, micro-entrepreneurs, subminimum wage earners, and no-work-no-pay workers. There are also those who are already vulnerable even without the severity of the situation, such as senior citizens, persons with disabilities, and indigents.

It is in these intractable times and situation that pawnshops and money remittance centers act as the safety nets for these persons and their families. As part of the microfinance sector, pawnshops grant funds for a short-term and immediate basis. Pawners are given a chance to redeem their collateral at a later date, when they’re on the greener grass on the other side, or more particularly, when this crisis is over and they can get back to their jobs.

Money transfers are of the same grain, and are more straightforward. It has always been a useful and go-to service in the Philippines, where workers have to go to the big cities to get high-paying jobs and where students commonly relocate to big regions and cities to attend big-name universities. And, of course, international remittance centers have always been the bridge connecting OFWs to their families and loved ones. Needless to say, money remittance is of more essence now than ever at this time when a lot of people are unemployed, stranded, or have always depended on it for allowance and finances.

RD Pawnshop offers the highest appraisal for your pawned asset and also charges low interest rates, with no advance interest. The charged rates of their Cash Padala service is also the most reliable in the industry, the only one offering free money transfer for amounts P100 and below. Services such as pawning, Cash Padala, international remittance, and convenient bills payment figure very clearly in these troubled times. Customers and clients should choose a service center that offers quality service, customer-friendly fees, and of course, a business that aligns with their best interests. Visit your nearest RD Pawnshop branch now for a higher take-home from your Cash Padala transactions and to get the best deals in your pawning experience.

RD Pawnshop Inks Partnership with Bank of Commerce for International Remittance

RD Pawnshop has partnered with one of the country’s progressive commercial banks for international remittance payout. Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) can now course their remittance through Bank of Commerce (BankCom), an affiliate of San Miguel Corporation, for their beneficiaries to claim at any of RD Pawnshop’s more than 1,500 branches nationwide.

BankCom has been in operation for more than 50 years in the Philippine banking industry. In 2008, BankCom was strengthened further with the investment of San Miguel Corporation, one of the country's largest conglomerates. Together with 140 branches and 265 ATMs nationwide, BankCom continues to be in the business of professional banking by providing innovative banking solutions; and a complete range of products and services in deposit, trust and investment, consumer, remittance services, treasury and commercial loans.

BankCom’s remittance system boasts of a straight-through process platform that provides clients with an “instant and easy way of sending money”. This new collaboration is a strong addition to RD Pawnshop’s highly integrated payout system and introduces more cash pickup options for Filipinos sending and receiving remittance from abroad. 

RD Pawnshop now offers loading subscription for POPTV

RD Pawnshop is bringing quality and affordable entertainment closer to Filipino families through its partnership with the newest subscription video-on-demand service POPTV. The new mass-market streaming platform shows a wide variety of family-friendly and local language movies at highly affordable prices.

POPTV offers the best of Filipino entertainment plus Tagalized foreign favorites. Subscribers can enjoy hundreds of local blockbusters, indie films, Filipino-dubbed KDramas, animes, BL series, Asian movies plus more! You can set and renew your POPTV subscription in our more than 1500 RD Pawnshop branches in the country. To view our full partner list for loading and bills payment, see https://www.rdpawnshop.com.ph/services or visit our Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/rdpawnshopofficialpage


To download and install POPTV, just search for POPTV Pinas on Google Play, Apple AppStore or Huawei App Gallery. For more information, visit www.facebook.com/POPTVPH or www.poptv.ph

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